Our Present


Taking inspiration from ages and cultures throughout history, Ian Rosenberg Jewellery is renowned in high end fashion circles for quality and originality in its design. It creates exclusive jewellery collections, which are crafted with careful attention to detail, design and high value to the consumer.

Influenced by both classic pieces and modern creativity, Rosenberg designers use the very latest in computer aided design to make their concepts a reality. This allows them to combine old world craftsmanship and techniques with fresh innovative modern designs. This creates something unique and quirky yet classic and timeless. Customers know that any piece they buy will still look as beautiful and relevant in twenty years’ time as it does today.

From his humble beginnings selling restaurant silverware door to door, Rosenberg successfully expanded the company to become a name synonymous with luxury across the UK from its Manchester-base. With a chain of stores nationwide, Ian Rosenberg Jewellery may have grown into a well known brand but its values remain as important as the day it started.

The company has purposefully chosen not to expand operations in the past when it felt it would be unable to guarantee the same high standards of production. Whereas, its competitors may have benefitted from a cheaper production cycle and the ability to produce on a larger scale abroad, Rosenberg Jewellery’s success lies in quality, not quantity. The ability to create the right jewellery is valued more than the ability to create more jewellery.

The company is also passionate about the ethics in the jewellery industry. The greatest of care is taken in sourcing ethically produced materials and ensuring the supply chains are maintained and not exploited for financial gain at the expense of others.
This, in turn, supports small-scale, fair-trade companies across the globe. Ensuring that workers have good working conditions, are paid fair wages and refrain from the use of child labour. The metals, diamonds and precious stones, used in Ian Rosenberg Jewellery, are always ethically sourced and their journey can be traced from the mine to the customer.

Rosenberg Jewellery started as a family business in 1910, run by a family; serving the family and this tradition lives on today. Ian’s grandson Kevin started his own range of high end jewellery several years ago. He now works exclusively with couture designers in New York, Paris and Milan, producing stunning pieces to enhance their catwalk creations.

Throughout the years, Ian Rosenberg has been recognised at both prestigious industry awards and the red carpets on Hollywood events: adorned and adored by A-list celebrities and industry insiders alike. Very rarely does a film premiere happen without a request to borrow some of the jewellers’ latest collection. In fact, the company often loans its jewellery to world famous photographers for their photo shoots or film productions looking for that extra wow factor and authenticity.

Often, what sets a company apart from its competitors is its staff. Employees are given extensive training and are knowledgeable in all aspects of jewellery design, manufacture and fashion. This means they are perfectly placed to advise you on the importance of your special purchase, whether it is an engagement ring or a celebratory brooch, Rosenberg Jewellers are there to help you make the perfect choice for your loved one.