Jewellery Making Process

Ian Rosenberg Jewellers employs only the most skilled jewellers, goldsmiths, and engravers in the business and pride themselves on the quality of their production team in creating expert results.

Whether you are looking for precision cut, personalised, or hand crafted pieces, Ian Rosenberg Jewellers has the expertise for the job. Skilled in handling some of the most complex designs using delicate materials and tough metals, the firm’s team regularly bring to life an array of magnificent designs for every occasion.


Once the design of your individual piece has been successfully rendered using the latest 3D Cad Design technology, the jewellery will be cut directly from the computer created file, ensuring complete accuracy throughout the production process.

Ian Rosenberg’s technology is some of the most advanced in the industry, and as a result, he can commission several complex pieces with quick turnaround times using 3D Cad Design. This particular technology has also seen Rosenberg Jewellers become a familiar name with high end fashion agencies through his ability to supply multiple pieces for corporate bookings.

Arrange a consultation at one of our local high street stores for corporate bookings if you would like one of our staff to handle one of your special events.

Engraving and Embossing

This service all depends on your personal taste. While embossing is considered to be a more durable alternative, some clients prefer the more traditional art of engraving for their jewellery.

The art of embossing allows the client to add an even more personal touch by recreating their own handwriting on the chosen piece. Embossing is not restricted by font or style and thus the client can include their own writing style and any simple images, measurements permitting.

Ian Rosenberg’s master engravers are some of the most experienced engravers in the industry and through their artistry your design can reproduced in almost any format desired. Whether you wish to engrave a wedding band, cufflinks or silver salver, Ian Rosenberg Jewellers are on hand to give your precious metals that personal touch.


Our polishing and pre-polishing experts are trained in numerous aspects of their trade, including prepping, threading, and specialist gold and platinum polishing, to ensure your jewellery has the finest possible finish for ultimate glamour and shine.
Rosenberg’s also offer unlimited aftercare to all customers and will gladly accept bookings to polish jewellery purchased from Rosenberg’s UK stores at no extra cost, so that your jewellery may retain its brilliance and shine for years to come.

Pave, Channel and Rub-Over Setting

For pieces which require the setting of precious stones, a team of gem experts will take responsibility of your jewellery once it has been produced by Ian Rosenberg’s craftsmen.

There are a variety of settings to choose from, including the traditional claw setting, thread and grain, pave, channel, and rub-over setting, all of which come with a resetting guarantee to ensure your precious gems are securely fixed in place for the lifetime of your jewellery.