Jewellery Design Process

At Ian Rosenberg Jewellers we take pride in conducting one of the most comprehensive designs processes in the industry, where we value a close relationship with our customers over design, and appreciate their extensive input at design stage to ensure we deliver the best possible results to match your requirement.

If you have a particular jewellery design in mind, or if you simply want to discuss the possibilities, arrange a visit to one of Rosenberg’s high street stores and have a chat with one of our personal consultants about your jewellery need. An initial visit will give an insight into your likes and dislikes, and any particular preferences you might have for certain metals and stones, so we can design the perfect piece for you.

There is also the option to browse our extensive collection of artwork as well as our jewellery archives to find a suitable piece or even an idea which you would like us to work on and personalise to your specification.

Our client meetings are a time to discuss your target budget and understand what kind of materials and designs are suitable for your price range. Ian Rosenberg Jewellers are experts in their field and experienced in finding just the right solution for your price range, simply talk to one of our design consultants to discover the best result for your money.

There are many different aspects to be discussed during your initial consultation, including the particular features of your chosen design. Size, colour, metals, gems, cut, style, and finish are just some of the very personal elements that Ian Rosenberg jewellers takes into account when considering the design of your very personal piece.

Rosenberg’s value their ability to follow through on the intricate details of a client’s design from conception to completion, and make it their personal responsibility to deliver an excellent quality of service throughout each process of a mutually agreed design. Feel free to bring in any magazine cuttings, drawings or printouts that you would like to be considered in the design process, as we welcome the opportunity to modify existing pieces making them unique to you.

Our designers will piece together some initial drawings on the basis of your specification, and work with you to make sure your personal taste is fully represented. Once both the client and the consultant have agreed upon a design proposal, the drawing will be passed to one our graphic designers to create a detailed computer rendering of your design, giving you a better idea of how the finished product will look.

Once the necessary changes have been made and you are absolutely sure our design meets with your every expectation, the piece will be commissioned. The image will be sent off to our team of expert jewellers who will be fully briefed on your production specification, so that they may produce a piece in the manner and style of your design. While you may have to wait just over a month for the final product, we are confident in our design process that you will receive exactly the piece you desire.