Ian Rosenberg’s Achievements

Ian Rosenberg’s career was based on a set of principles centred on perfection and customer satisfaction. While Ian Rosenberg enjoyed many successes throughout his career as a jeweller, one of his proudest achievements was his ability to manage and maintain his commercial and bespoke company throughout the years, developing the family business into a successful national chain with international fame from a single shed in Manchester.

From one man with a simple vision to open a jewellery store, dedicated to manufacturing excellence and individual care, grew a chain of brand name jewellery stores nationwide, upholding Ian Rosenberg’s initial principles with expert precision.

The growing reputation of Rosenberg jewellers gave him the possibility to hire even more staff and create a team of master jewellers. To this day, the firm hire jewellers highly skilled in their individual crafts, providing first class results for clients using a variety of materials and stones.

Keen to invest in world development, Ian Rosenberg Jewellers are only associated with certified suppliers of metals and precious gems, importing their materials from ethically sourced companies, giving clients piece of mind that their purchases are contributing to the growth of a moral and fair industry. Ian Rosenberg Jewellers is a proud supporter of all fair and ethical trading within the EU and worldwide.

One achievement of which Ian Rosenberg was particularly proud was that he was able to keep the business family-run. The Rosenberg family’s passion and dedication to the preservation of master craftsmanship is apparent throughout their work and supreme customer service, taking individual needs to heart and bringing complex designs to realisation.

The quality of Rosenberg’s Collections has caught the eye of some of the world’s top designers and photographers, and it is not unusual to find classic Rosenberg pieces on high end fashion shoots, red carpet events, celebrity bashes and Hollywood film productions.

Ian Rosenberg Jewellery has been utilised in a series of period dramas and a number of Hollywood blockbusters on account of its beauty and unique quality, which lends to the authenticity and style of its time period to modern productions.

Keep an eye out for the stunning assembly of Ian Rosenberg’s wedding and engagement jewellery and silverware appearing at Bridal fairs both in the UK and across America. His breathtaking collections are representative of the timeless quality deserving of any couple embarking upon a new life together, combining innovative design with traditional style.

Named in one magazine as a “the artist of bridal jewellery”, some of Rosenberg’s very best pieces have appeared in numerous spreads of the UK’s most popular bridal magazines, and received acclaim from celebrated designers the world over.

While Rosenberg Jewellery has earned a proud place among an impressive range international clientele, while Ian may have passed away several years ago, the company which bears his name still prides itself on making every client feel valued and special – something Ian always insisted on while he was alive.